Thank you everyone for coming, enjoying a beautiful sunny day, some yummy fish and good music!


• many culinary specialties by local restaurants and chefs around but not limited to herring, choose your size of sampler plate or get some traditional festival food (french fries).
Angelino’s, Walzwerk, Lighthouse, Fish, Osteria DiVino, Yoshi’s Sushi Catering, Davey Jones Deli, Galilee Harbor Community Association
• There will be a choice of beverages as well: Phil’z Coffee, Lagunitas Brewing Company, Mill Valley Beerhouse assorted wines from a private donation
• Information about herring, the fishery, sustainability, and the environment by California Fish and Wildlife, Sea Stewards, Marine Mammal Center, Herring Fishery representatives
• live music and performances
On the program are Cameron Ember, the Gaters, Fiver Brown, Angus Martin, the Waterfront Pickers, PLUS a surprise guest
• live demonstrations and talks by local chefs and food experts: Maria Finn, Kenny Belov, Kirk Lombard, John Foss, Damon Little
• kids’ area, with games and activities by Cass Gidley Marina and Marshall Virello
• historic herring fishery photographs and the traditional SF Bay fishing boats, the felucca “Nuovo Mundo” and the Wetton’s Monterey will be presented by the San Francisco Maritime National Historic Park
• and more

link to the 2013 program click here

Why a Herring Festival?
In our mission statement for Cass Gidley Marina – Sausalito Community Boating Center we talk – amongst other things – about engaging and educating the public about our rich maritime history, being an advocate for environmental awareness and building waterfront community.
Being the last commercial fishery left in SF Bay, and one that can often be closely observed from the Sausalito water’s edge, the Herring Festival felt to us the perfect way of promoting these parts of our mission.
We want to include the fishery itself, tell people what they see, what the history is, the process. There used to be a fish dock right here in Sausalito, and many people remember it, now most don’t even know what the fish is caught for and how it’s regulated etc.
Many of the fishermen and women travel from far just for this 2 months season, then they disappear until next year, we never get to meet them. Some are local, but their boats are in San Francisco. We hope to meet them here.
Many of the Sausalito population hear the ruckus on the water, birds diving, seals hunting, but what does it all mean? Modern life severs the connection to nature more and more. We’d like to bring some of it back, to better take care of the environment.
Lastly, we feel it important to know where our food comes from, be open to new culinary adventures, have all food be sustainable and with a low carbon footprint. Luckily, this is catching on and we hope by promoting this little shiny fish and all that has to do with it with our festival, to reach even more folks.
There is numbers of small fish that only get caught to feed the big farmed fish. How many pound of herring do you need to get one pound of farmed salmon, how about farmed tuna? Where is the biodiversity going with this practice? Couldn’t we eat a pound of herring instead and help the wild salmon along. We hope to address some of these questions and concerns during this event as well.

And we want to raise funds for Cass Gidley Marina – Sausalito Community Boating Center, because we still need to get the money for an ADA ramp to make access to Richardson Bay for everyone possible.