Here is a list of materials we can use for the overhaul and maintenance of Folly

The haul-out is done and the boat is back in the water, now we need to work on the rigging and some interior.

The tow was DONATED by Sausalito Diver Tim Sell.
The haul-out and in the water as well as yard lay days are being DONATED by Matt Butler and San Rafael Yacht Harbor.

• green oak for bending (nothing over 4 ft) DONATED by Richardson Bay Boatworks & Ways
• copper rivets / roves BOUGHT – $34.62  Want to donate!? use the link in the sidebar
• 50pc. slotted bronze flat head wood screws #8, 1″ (around $30 for a pack) – BOUGHT with the Port Supply Gift Card
• 16 pc each  #10 and #12, 2-1/2″ SB for transom repair and refastening of floors  (around $25) – BOUGHT with the Port Supply Gift Card

paint, varnish, product:
Sausalito Diver Tim Sell donated a $100 West Marine gift card and left it behind the counter for us to buy materials – you could do the same! With our Port Supply professional discount these $100 lasted quiet a bit.

• grey bilgecoat DONATED – volunteer Geoff Stanton has enough left from his own boat
• undercoat primer BOUGHT  – with giftcard
• more primer
• red marine enamel for the topsides, 2qrt (Kirby Paint Co.) Bought – $83, want to donate!?- click on the donate button in the sidebar to the left and specify topside paint in your comment.
• black boot top paint  DONATED – Inka Petersen, Godewind boat shop
• blue tape – BOUGHT with the Port Supply Gift Card
• white bottom paint – Vivid DONATED – Bayside Boatworks, Sausalito
• teak oil
• varnish – DONATED – Bamboo Lancaster Brightwork
• boiled linseed oil DONATED – Inka Petersen, Godewind boat shop
• turpentine DONATED – Inka Petersen, Godewind boat shop
• thinner (regular paint thinner, T-10) DONATED – Inka Petersen, Godewind boat shop
• 5200 or sikaflex (around $17) DONATED – Inka Petersen, Godewind boat shop
• Dolphinite ($40)

1″ red devil scraper blades
• latex/vinyl gloves L and M ($10 each)
• rags (old t-shirts anyone!?)
• plastic containers (like washed yogurt tubs etc.)
• 1″ and 2″ chip brushes ($ 13 per box)
• propane DONATED – Jeff Reid, shipwright

• pizza, • beverages, •water, •coffee, •bagels, anything that’ll keep volunteers happy and preferably healthy
we got coffee and pastries from Starbucks for the 2/24 workday
• yummy sandwiches for workday on 3/4 from Davey Jones Deli – thank you!!
•who’s next!?