Our Boats

In the future this page will give you a much more comprehensive list of our boats – the ones for rent as well as the ones on display.

• We’ll update you on current building or restoration projects, and have a “boats for sale” section in order to generate funds. Currently we do not have the capacity to take donations for re-sale.
• We will also have an online museum with documentation, photographs, and history of our vessels.
• We are particularly looking for wooden Pelicans for the sail training programs. We are also interested in local designs: El Toro, Mercury, Clipper, Sid Skiff as well as Whitehalls, and dories, but all small traditional wooden boats are welcome.
We’d like to have the local traditional craft, a tule boat, and the locally built sailboats such as  Golden Gate and/or Bird boats in the collection. Add to that the traditional fishing vessels that different groups of immigrants brought to the bay such as a Felucca, a Gillnetter, and also a Baidarka and a sampan.

And how neat would it be to see traditional vessels from other places, the possibilities are endless.

Our Fleet
Folly, Folkboat USA 16, is our first acquisition. folkboat USA 16, FollyShe was built in 1948 in Odense, Denmark and later imported by Solar Boat Co., Richmond, CA.
We are currently compiling her history and have her hauled-out, courtesy of San Rafael Yacht Harbor. You can follow the photo story on facebook by clicking here.

Check out our wishlist and see if you can help with the haul-out in any way.


16ft thompson brosSputnik, Thompson Bros. Sea Coaster
1965, Cortland, NY. mahogany ply on oak
She came with a Sears 28HP outboard that, unfortunately, needs the carburator rebuild. She floats and is operational in the water to function as one of our chase boats. Eventually we are planning a big overhaul and the restoration of seats, windshield etc. to 1965 specs

nonamesofar Peapod, built by Anton Hottner in Sausalito 2011
– more info to come –



nonamesofar Swampscott Dory, built Jay Virok in Sausalito, 2006
The swampscott dory is an evolution of east coat dory designs, used for racing and rowing. They are noted for their speed and ability to be beach launched into heavy surf. This swampscott was modified by North Bay Boat Works to have round sides and a slightly smaller bottom, to increase her speed while rowing. The boat has sawn pepper wood frames and spruce planking.

IMG_20130308_164520noname so far, a glued lapstrake sailing kayak. More info about the vessel to come.




Kate, Monterey Clipper 1931IMG_20130930_102218
owned by one family before donated to CGM. Most likely build by Anderson and Christofani in San Francisco.
Was used for fishing and as pleasure boat. 3 cyl Lister air-cooled gas engine.



Hattie McKim, floating home on landing craft.NovDec2007Oakland 017
An exquisit example of a self made floating home. Built by an ex Hollywood set designer who created an asian themed interior with liquid nails and paint.




00D0D_jK9EdOck3u3_600x450Laerk, 21ft Spidsgatter
Believed to be of Berg design, built in Denmark in the late 1920s or early 30s. Larch planking on sawn oak, and bent ash frames.



Bear Boat #22, born and bred in Sausalito




possibly a Sam Crocker design from the 1930s called Stone Horse, 23ft boomkin sloop or cutter?.
she is extremly overbuilt with full ceiling inside. A perfect little weekend cruiser that is said to be the stout older cousin of the Bird boats.



• Dock kioskdockkiosk
This is not a boat, but another item that needs some fixing and loving stewardship. It will be our rental check-in and look-out post at the end of the dock.



IMG_20130309_155922• Duck house
This is not a boat either. we saved it from getting crushed with the docks and hope to have ducks or geese in the future. this cute light house building could use a team to take responsibility for it as well.