Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Q: How can I sign up?
A: As we are not in operation yet, we only accept Navigator Membership ($200 or more). The best way for you to stay in touch is to sign up for our newsletter and volunteer gazette. With the newsletter you will stay in the loop, and if you decide to volunteer you will already become part of the community before we open our gates.

Q: Is this only for kids?
A: No, the Community Boating Center is for everyone. You will be able to rent boats and take classes. A chunk of the money we earn from adults will get funneled back to provide funding for kids classes.

Q: Are you like a sailing school?
A: Although we will be teaching children and adults how to sail, we will be offering much more. We will showcase traditional wooden boats and local maritime history. Another big component of our mission is environmental stewardship and awareness. As a Community Boating Center, the boats are a means to the greater good: community, friends, experience, learning, etc

Q: Why wooden boats, aren’t they outdated?
A: Our commitment is to traditional boat building, community, education and sail training. There is plenty of sailing schools and fiberglass boats around. We want to create a place that is also a museum and a community gathering place.

Q: Aren’t there enough sailing clubs where you can rent boats already?
A: There is not many places where you can rent small boats to go for a spin by row or sail. Most places in San Francisco Bay have bigger fiberglass boats and require a steep yearly membership fee. The places that rent small boats to visitors are confined to lakes. Other places rent out kayaks or paddle boards only.